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Our Team

President & C.E.O.

Ken Klohn

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Ken has been part of Antex since 1986, dedicating his time and effort to help the company grow strong. His favorite part of working at Antex is their exceptional culture, which he describes as a tight-knit family that collaborates and agrees on important decisions together.

Vice President Soft Flooring Division Manitoba

Amanda Stertz


Amanda has been working at Antex since 2008, during which time she has grown to greatly appreciate the people, reputation, and close-knit family environment that the company offers. She finds it refreshing that Antex encourages its employees to be themselves and still have fun while working hard.

Vice President Hard Surface Division

Sal Maida

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Sal has been a dedicated and valued member of Antex since 2006, contributing his skills and expertise to the company's continued growth and success. His favorite part of working at Antex is the authenticity of its people and the exceptional work climate within the building. 

Vice President Special Projects

Dan Demarcke


Dan has been with Antex since 1998 and has played an integral role in the company's growth and success over the years. His favorite part of working at Antex is the diversity of its work environment and the company's willingness to

take on any challenge. 

C.F.O & Vice President, Finance

Elmer Rudan, CPA, CGA

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Elmer has been an integral member and trusted advisor of the company since 2009, bringing his expertise and passion to work every day.  For him, the best part of working at Antex Western is the opportunity to collaborate with a team that shares his values which makes coming to work an enjoyable experience.

He takes pride in the family atmosphere that Antex Western fosters.

Elmer values the people he works with.

Corporate Secretary & Chief Estimator

Joe Ng


Joe's commitment to Antex has been unwavering since 1987. One of the things that Joe appreciates most about working at Antex is the comfortable work atmosphere that promotes the sense of a small family that has grown into a big one. He also highlights the critical importance of the absence of discrimination at Antex, valuing the supportive and inclusive nature of the company. 

Soft Flooring Supervisor/Project Coordinator

Derek Fedorchuk


Derek has been a vital member of the Antex team since 2003, bringing his skills and passion to the company's diverse portfolio of projects. For Derek, the most exciting part of working at Antex is the variety of projects that the company undertakes, offering him new opportunities to learn and grow. In addition to his core work, Derek values his role as a teacher and a mentor to the upcoming staff, guiding them in their journey toward success. 


Head Office: (204) 633-4815

Edmonton Branch: (780) 451-8898


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