Access Floor Systems

Access flooring functions as a plenum for air distribution, plumbing and electrical distribution. This type of floor system can also contribute to LEED® credits for LEED® certification.

Antex Western is proud to be the ASM and FreeAxez Access Floors authorized dealer serving Manitoba and all of Western Canada. We have been involved in the supply and installation of access flooring systems since 1975. One of the first large projects we were involved in was the corporate offices for Great West Life.

At Antex Western, we offer a full service program for all access floor installations. Our goal is to provide you with the most cutting edge access floor, we will help with any design and budget questions you may have, providing you with a comprehensive process, all the way through from installation to maintenance.

We are qualified to install and maintain all makes of access floor, including:

  • Wood core
  • Concore panels
  • Hollow metal steel panels
  • Aluminum panels
  • All pre-finished panels including wood, high-pressure laminate and granite finishes
ASM innovations in access flooring
Raised access floor comprises of load bearing floor panels laid in a horizontal grid supported by adjustable vertical pedestals to provide an under floor space for the housing and distribution of services. The floor panels are readily removable to allow quick access to the under floor services.
The ASM Quick-Loc system ensures high strength corners and ultimate load capacity. 


FreeAxez is a patented all steel, quick-connect low profile access floor that breaks the mold of the traditional raised access floor. FreeAxez provides unparalleled capacity and flexibility for the modern office and high technology environment, saving life cycle costs and improving workplace efficiency.

FreeAxez can be installed in a fraction of the time versus conventional raised access floor, since no height adjustment is required. The modular base unit system connects quickly without glues, screws or fasteners.

FreeAxez offers flexibility and cables are easily installed after the flooring is laid. New office equipment or system changes are easily accommodated and done by in-house personnel. The modular grid design allows for five second, no tool, easy access wire management.

Maintenance Program for New and Existing Floors

In addition to full installation, Antex Western offers the following maintenance access floor services on an annual or semi annual basis by a qualified technician:

Access Floor Systems
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  • Vacuuming of surface and below in pedestal system
  • Rotating of panels in high traffic areas
  • Eliminating of deflection of panels
  • Adjusting grid system in order to correct structural problems
  • Replacement of any missing components, such as grounding clips, stringers. gaskets and foam rubber
  • Replacement of warped or delaminated panels
  • Repair of untrimmed cut outs
  • Spot cleaning of ink stains and scuff marks as needed