Construction Specialties - Sprayed Fire Protection

One of the greatest concerns facing the construction industry today is the threat to life and damage to structure a fire can cause. Steel, a basic building component, is a truly non-combustible material. However, steel beams and columns, if left unprotected, will experience damage and probable collapse in a fire situation; a fact dramatically illustrated by actual fires.

Antex Western is constantly working to respond to market demand and our research into fire protection is no exception. By expanding and enhancing the fire protection products we handle, we are able to meet industry needs.

Spray-applied fireproofing is the most effective, proven and economical means of protection for structural steel, but to function properly it must stay in place permanently. It must remain on the steel during construction and building occupancy to adequately perform its vital fire stopping duties. In the event of fire, insufficient thickness, accidental removal or poor physical integrity could spell disaster. A false sense of security could develop if the in-place performance of structural steel fireproofing is not considered.

Antex Western employs Certified Grace Monokote technicians, specializing in their patented injection system to provide maximum yield and quickset finish to your fire stopping application. With our experienced technicians at your command, you can be confident that you have secured the best fire protection available for your property.

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