Construction Specialties - Firestopping

Firestopping is a passive fire protection system applied to construction joints, openings, and penetrations in a fire-rated wall or floor assembly. A properly installed firestop system restores the fire-resistance rating of the separation, protecting the structure against the spread of fire.

At Antex Western, we proudly carry firestopping products from Rectorseal, Hilti, 3M and STI, with in-house installers certified in these brands. We work with building owners/managers, general contractors, mechanical contractors and electrical contractors to help protect against loss of life and property.

Our firestopping service include:

  • Smoke seals applied to joints, openings and penetrations through non-rated wall or floor assemblies
  • Mechanical through penetrants
  • Electrical through penetrants
  • Structural through penetrants
  • Control/Expansion joints
  • Junctions between fire-rated wall and floor assemblies
  • “Head-of-Wall” joints, where non-load bearing walls meet the underside of floor assemblies