Construction Specialties - Demountable Wall Systems & Drywall

At Antex Western, we know that sometimes your workspace needs to be flexible to be truly functional. You may need to be able to offer a different space for different tasks, or maybe you’re planning ahead and think you may need to change up your space down the line.

That’s why we proudly offer Partition Systems and Contemporary Walls – complete, prefinished movable wall systems. The systems are completely reusable to facilitate any design changes that might take place in your workplace in order to accommodate new technology or even the expansion or contraction of a department.

Partition Systems and Contemporary Walls can be designed in a wide variety of heights, with solid or glazed panels and a variety of finishes, so you can be confident it will fit into your existing décor or work with your brand new design concept. With the help of our professional installers and technicians, your offices, conference rooms and reception areas can be on the cutting edge of form and function.

We deliver and install this product cleanly and efficiently, every time, and our clients love that these are tax deductible, low maintenance wall systems that pay for themselves every time they are removed or reinstalled.

Visit the partition system website for all their elegant wall systems: